The Fruit of Mercy

Written on 07/06/2018
Luke Estrada

I hope this has been a good week for you as you’ve gone about practicing mercy. I hope you’ve seen the fruit starting to bud, and I hope when it ripens that it will be the sweetest, richest fruit you’ve ever had. I hope you haven’t forgotten about the rest of the beatitudes, and that none of this is possible without meekness, righteousness, mourning, and being poor in spirit. 

I know it’s been a hard week for me. It has been easy writing the devotionals, translating them, and feeling pretty good for a while afterwards, feeling pretty merciful. It’s a little harder to remember to be merciful when you get stepped on, when things don’t go the way you need, when you just can’t control yourself.

But really, has it just been this week that has been difficult?

Has it just been this beatitude that’s challenged me?

What am I doing wrong, that everyone else is doing right?

The good news is that no one else is doing it right either. The good news is that you don’t need to do it right. It was already done.

Mercy is when you’ve done everything wrong, and the judge still lets you off the hook, even when the law prescribes death. Mercy is getting caught, and not getting kicked out. Mercy is loving the ones who hurt you, even your enemies. Mercy is when we deserve to be let go by God, and he keeps holding on.

Mercy is not having to do it all right, because Jesus already did, and we get to say we did it too because of him. How wonderful, how humbling it is to say that. I couldn’t do it on my own, and Jesus still gave me what I never deserved. Mercy.